Introduction to the PathoPhysiology course

by W Lammers, MD, PhD

Department of Physiology, CMHS

Lect 1: Cellular Membranes

a. Plasma Membranes

b. Diffusion

c. Facilitated iffusion

d. Osmosis



Lect 2: Cellular Excitability

a. Resting Potential

b. Action potential

c. Propagation

d. Saltatory Propagation

Lect 3: Cellular Communications

a. Electrical synapse

b. Chemical synapse

Lect 4: Cellular Motility

a. Motor End-Plate

b. The Sarcomere


Lect 5: Haematology 1

a. Anaemias and Polycythaemia's

b. Destruction of RBC's


Lect 6: Haematology 2

Hemostasis, Coagulation and its disorders.

Lect 24a: Vision

a. Vision 1a

b. Vision 1b

c. Vision 2a

d. Vision 2b

Lect 24b: Hearing

a. Hearing 1

b. Hearing 2